LocalDigital – App in a week

Feedback session: Wednesday 3rd March, 10 – 11am

Let’s see what we can build, together

As a council IT and Digital Team, you are hard at work creating better experiences for your citizens. It’s daunting, and time consuming, to start from scratch every time.

How often have you wished that you could share another council’s great work? This is where low-code can make a real difference. You can download a module from our AppShare and make it 100% your own, fast!

So, this spring we launched our first local digital ‘App in week’ project. It started on Tuesday 23rd February. Along with council advisors, we began a design sprint to deliver a Citizen Hub module.

We’ve chosen to build an Environmental Health Inspections module. This module will provide any council with the ability to schedule inspections, confirm progress and schedule a follow-up inspection. It will also allow a hospitality business to request an inspection.

We are now using the power of low-code to build an app within a week. Once built, we will demonstrate the app back to you in this feedback session on 3rd of March. This app will go into our AppShare library, for everyone to share. So, you can start using it straightaway.

And, there’s more… For Housing Associations, we’ll be running a specialist Housing “App in a week” from 22nd March.

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