Open House with 3Cs

Wednesday 16th February – 12:00pm – 12:45pm

Andrew Buckels shows you how to accelerate success in the digital age.

Open House is a series of thought leadership webinars with experts from the housing sector. Each session will be focused on a different CX transformation challenge and packed full of housing specific advice. Attendees will leave each Open House with a practical checklist of steps to take and pitfalls to avoid.

Open House with 3Cs

In February, it’s an open house with 3C Consultants‘ Managing Director, Andrew Buckels. 3C is a leading independent technology and data consultancy, focused on the UK’s social housing sector. Andrew has worked as a consultant in the social housing sector for over 5 years, and with a background in digital retail, he brings a millennial’s view of digital working and staff engagement.

At Open House with 3Cs, you will hear Andrew explain how organisations can optimise the benefits of technology and data to achieve their strategic ambition. He will share how you can accelerate success in the digital age using these four focus areas:

  • Creating a successful long-term strategy
  • Digitally transform your value chain
  • Igniting your digital champions
  • Improving productivity and efficiency

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