Netcall for all departments

Ready to use apps for every department

What if you had your own way of building software systems and digitising processes that are built around the specific needs of your organisation?

Transformation across every department

Apps for departments gives you the power to have agile software development. Most departments have core systems, doing various tasks and those systems are quite siloed. Existing investments in systems have probably been built up over a long time. So, data may not flow between systems very easily. Often manual workarounds or spreadsheets are used.

What if you could build exactly what you needed? And integrate into these existing systems. Allowing you to automate any process without replacing the systems you already have?

This is how Liberty Create works. And we’ve created a number of apps for departments which will help to get you started. These are all available for you to download and configure to meet your exact needs. Take a look at what we have available for each department. For ease of use they have been categorised into Health and Safety, Customer Service and HR. Find out more about apps for departments that include emergency alerts, employee surveys, customer support, skills matrix, customer support and many more.