Netcall for Housing Associations

Helping transform the tenant journey

Supporting your vital role in building communities for over 20 years. Helping our customers to manage over 750,000 properties to deliver a streamlined tenant and team experience.

An end-to-end tenant management platform

Your IT infrastructure is as important as your bricks and mortar. But sometimes you don’t get to choose your system. You’re stuck with it. It comes with the territory, like the fixtures and fittings.

Tenant Hub can sit over any legacy systems. It draws what you need directly from them. And as you grow, so does your system.

Tenant Hub can also be a stand-alone solution for housing associations. Its drag-and-drop interface provides all the components you need to build, deploy and improve business applications, without coding.

It is a housing specific case management framework with intelligent automation, contact centre and self-service portal. It’s built on our low-code platform and includes core structures that you can re-use for all your services (people, properties, blocks, estates, tenancies and rent information).

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences everyday with Liberty

Do you have lots of business and customer experience processes to improve, automate and scale? Team up with our AI-assisted customer engagement solutions: Liberty Converse is our omnichannel contact centre solution and Liberty Connect is our AI-assisted conversational messaging solution.

With Liberty, the possibilities are endless. Customers have used Liberty to:

  • Bring together data, communications channels and fix the processes that frustrate the experience
  • Remove data silos and integrate with legacy systems
  • Automate processes and include alerts, task routing SLA updates and more
  • Support tenant management on the channels they prefer
  • Use SMS, chat and messaging to pro-actively update tenants
  • Provide anytime accessible self-service
  • Never miss a call with call backs
  • High levels of security and governance
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