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Intelligent Automation for Housing

The top three tenant requests are reporting a repair, paying rent and finding a home. However, housing associations have a broad set of activities to deliver and control. Your core systems will be doing various tasks and often those systems are quite siloed. The existing investments in systems have probably been built up over a long time. And data may not flow between systems very easily. So often manual workarounds or spreadsheets are used. This can be frustrating for staff. And tenants may be left in limbo while they are waiting for answers.

Our Intelligent Automation for Housing platform is a collection of tools, designed to help you automate these processes. Create exactly what you need with simple, cost effective tools in a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take.

It’s a low-risk approach to a digital-first future. You can start small and roll out successes, and scale it up as you go. It’s designed to easily integrate with investments in systems already made and be easy to change and adapt to meet future requirements.

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Robotic process automation (RPA)
Liberty RPA focuses on automating repetitive and rules-based on-screen processes. It automates interactions with existing systems on a screen. In effect, what the robot is able to do is replicate the actions that a person takes when they are operating various different systems, and do those things automatically.

It’s especially effective for repetitive and tedious tasks. The robot takes that activity and frees your people to work on other more meaningful tasks.
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Low-code is the easiest way to develop business applications, fast. It’s essentially process automation on steroids. With Liberty Create, you map the process you want to create – including steps, actions and end points – and the software takes care of the rest.

And once you have your low-code app, you can test, refine and improve it on an ongoing basis.
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What is Intelligent Automation?
Intelligent automation is the combination of multiple process automation technologies together into a single platform or solution. It’s sometimes called hyperautomation, the phrases were created by the technology research analysts. Forrester coined the phrase intelligent automation, while Gartner came up with hyperautomation. Essentially, they mean the same thing.

Intelligent automation goes far beyond RPA or low-code by incorporating additional process automation technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, structured data interaction, intelligent document processing.
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Why choose Intelligent Automation?
By using a combination of RPA and low-code you can bridge the gaps between systems. And put the right information, in the right hands at the right time. You can link up processes across all your systems, giving you with a single unified view

By using both RPA and low-code, you can use the right tool for the job. RPA can be implemented quickly, mimicking the current processes to help you get up and running quickly. Then low-code can be used to build applications to fully automate processes from end-to-end.
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