Netcall for Housing Associations

Helping transform the tenant journey

Supporting your vital role in building communities for over 20 years. Helping our customers to manage over 750,000 properties to deliver a streamlined tenant and team experience.

Tailored Tenant Management

How many of your tenants call you with an issue, only for them to play ‘pass the problem’. It’s usually a result of disconnected systems and isolated agents. Our Liberty Platform could be the answer. Stop this from happening by tying everything together.

Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of customer (and tenant) engagement and intelligent automation solutions. Liberty lets you manage and improve your total experience, effortlessly.

For any gaps in your business process, use Liberty Create, our low-code solution to build an application which easily integrates with existing systems.

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Build applications – fast
Redefine customer experience to make it easy for tenants and staff to communicate with you. And deliver a positive end-to-end total experience as well as reduce the cost to serve.

With Liberty Create you can build full-stack apps between 3-10 times faster. The drag-and-drop user interface (UI) makes it easy to handle data and workflow processes to build apps that deliver great user experience (UX).
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Fully integrated customer engagement
Team up with our AI-assisted customer engagement solutions. Liberty Converse, our omnichannel contact centre solution and Liberty Connect, AI-assisted conversational messaging solution.

You’ll be able to handle enquiries across any channel – phone, softphone, email, chat bot or direct message. And get one consolidated view of all conversations. Scale up and scale down, depending on your requirements.
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Build applications – easily
Make development easier, so more people can build applications. Professional developers go faster and become full-stack developers.

Even members of your customer service team can build apps based on knowledge of the process, without having to write code. Together business and IT collaborate to address the organisation’s need to rapidly innovate.
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End-to-end development
Whatever the problem, Liberty Create allows you to create a solution. Every aspect of the application development lifecycle is addressed with easy-to-use tools.

And they don’t require a software coding background. It’s really simple to get started with Liberty Create.
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Don’t start from scratch
It’s always a struggle to build from scratch. With Liberty Create you don’t have to. You don’t have to build new applications in functional silos. They need to integrate with and build upon the investments you’ve already made in systems.
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Join the Community
Learn from other housing associations. AppShare is our online community where our customers share ideas and blueprints for design, modelling and implementation of low-code.

Rather than making a fresh start on every new application, Liberty Create customers can tap into work already engineered by other customers and Netcall itself.
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Take a look at how one of our customers is using low-code

Cairn Housing Group harness the power of low-code to ensure no tenant is left behind.