Newsroom 12 September 2019

Low-code 101 webinar 3 – Spotlight on Integration

Low-code webinar spotlight on integration
We’re delighted to share the third instalment of our webinar series, Low-code 101. In this episode, host Laura Ritchie discusses system integration issues with another of our Solution Architects, Richard Kelly.

Integration is a key area where we encounter many questions in the early stages of low-code adoption. All businesses need to ensure that their existing tech and legacy systems will integrate with any new software that’s introduced. It’s actually a key strength of Liberty Create and often one of the major drivers for implementing low-code.
Watch the webinar below:

You can find this webinar, and the other episodes in the Low-code 101 series, here. For a transcript of episode three, spotlight on integration, pop along to our Library to read the transcript.

Watch the webinar, including demos, in full.

Our next episode of “Low-code 101” will put the spotlight on building the business case. This will be available in the next few weeks.

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