Newsroom 20 March 2019

Security for Low-code watch our 101 webinar 2

Lowcode webinar spotlight on security

It’s out today! Episode two in the 101 series. Our host, Laura Ritchie, looks into security with our Solution Architect, Angela Chamberlain. As we are all aware, security is a crucial element to consider when introducing a new piece of software into your estate.

You can listen to this webinar below and the others in the Low-code 101 series.  Head over to our Library to read a transcript of episode two, spotlight on security or click below to have a listen right now.


Watch the security for low-code webinar, including demos, in full.

Our next episode of “Low-code 101” will put integration into the spotlight.

Discover more about Liberty Create and the companies that are benefiting from it. There is much further external information available that explains this discussed low-code subject.

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