Liberty Create


Building apps should no longer be done in functional silos. Integrating with new and existing systems is critical to delivering a joined up, digital-first approach across the enterprise.

Simple integration
Liberty Create makes it easy to integrate with existing systems. Whether by using standard application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect to modern web-based systems or by exchanging data directly where necessary, Liberty Create makes it possible to integrate with a wide range of systems. For legacy systems, data can be directly imported and exported using CSV files. PDF documents can also be created natively within the platform.
Built in integrations
Create has native integrations with a number of major systems and platform. Available in the Microsoft Teams App Store is a connector that integrates directly with Microsoft Teams so that updates can be passed back and forth to users in a Teams channel. There’s also native integration with video services from Amazon Chime that enables video calls to be directly integrated as an additional communications channel.
With apps being so easy to build in Liberty Create, it’s possible to fill functional gaps sometimes left between systems. Along with Liberty RPA, which can automate processes between existing systems, Create allows new apps to be built that address functional gaps. They go further to provide an over-the-top interface for a single view of data across disparate systems.

Key features

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REST/SOAP APIs to the rescue
Use REST/SOAP APIs to both publish and consume data from and to a Liberty Create app. Liberty Create walks you through the creation of APIs without any coding required. It even goes as far as automating the production of documentation that can be used by third-parties to integrate with APIs provided in a Liberty Create application. A step-by-step guide to utilising APIs in Liberty Create is available here.
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Securely access data without having to code
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a widely used standard for database connectivity. Liberty Create has built-in support for the ODBC API for accessing database management systems without any coding. Data can be read or written directly into a Liberty Create data object and it’s easy to create table views for ODBC databases.
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Import/export of file-based data
Most commonly this is done using flat files, comma separated files (.CSVs) or Excel Spreadsheets. File formats can be defined to that data can easily be matched to existing data objects in Liberty Create.
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Effortlessly transfer files
Communication handling to send and receive messages to users of the application. Message handling via in-app notifications, email, SMS and social media messages are all supported.