ContactBabel: “UK Contact Centre Decision Makers’ Guide”

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Contact Babel’s Contact Centre Guide 2023 provides the most up-to-date and extensive view of the issues facing the UK contact centre industry, identifies methods for improvement and helps customer-facing businesses stay ahead of future changes.

The RPA & Unified Desktop chapter

Increased contact volumes, a distributed working model, and rising customer expectations are challenges facing customer service departments during an economic downturn. Managing soaring demands, without skyrocketing costs, requires organisations to find more straightforward, innovative ways to engage customers and agents — while delivering resolutions and empathetic service.

As many organisations now need to do more with less, they’re turning to automation to drive efficiency gains.

ContactBabel surveyed 206 CX and contact centre professionals — plus 1000 UK consumers.

This is their Contact Centre Guide 2023 edition. And this chapter, “RPA & the Unified Desktop”, is specifically aimed at helping CX professionals understand how automation can boost productivity. It also looks at the solutions available to bring human agents, robots and automation together, to deliver a superior CX.

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About Contact Babel’s contact centre guide 2023

Findings are split by contact centre size and vertical market to help readers understand how they compare to businesses like theirs, and the use of 20 years’ of historical data gives perspective to long-term changes in the industry.

Report key findings and contents

A few of the key findings include:

  • The average cost of an inbound call is £6.55 – 70% more than email and 96% more than a web chat. This differential is growing each year as more automation is used in digital channels
  • 79% of UK contact centres now use at least one cloud-based application
  • Call abandonment rate is 9.1% – the highest on record
  • The average speed to answer has also risen to its highest recorded level: 120 seconds
  • 93% of UK contact centres expect at least some remote working in 2023, with the large majority expecting a hybrid model
  • 50% of web chats are now handled wholly or partially by chatbots