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Customer Satisfaction – Liberty Converse Feature Sheet

Find out what your customers think of your services
and use it to improve to your CX

Guide your quality management and service delivery with customer feedback

Understanding how well you’ve met your customer needs is essential to delivering good CX. It drives
resource planning, rewards and acknowledgements, as well as product and service design and process
reviews. But time pressured customers are creating more complex journeys in the pursuit of timely answers. Frequently, these are across multiple channels.

Gathering customer feedback is increasingly valuable, but also a challenge. You need to reliably measure and act upon customer satisfaction across all interactions. And identifying which satisfaction
drivers need attention can be the difference between positive and negative CX.

At the same time, customers’ appetite for surveying is very mixed. Especially when it seems pervasive or disproportionate to the interactions.

Customer satisfaction in Liberty Converse is seamless and non-intrusive. Collect customer satisfaction ratings, which form a valuable part of measuring and understanding overall performance and your team’s Quality Management programmes.

Read the full Liberty Converse Customer Satisfaction Feature Sheet.

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Key features

  • Building your surveys using CSAT, NPS or CES models
  • Trigger surveys based on criteria best suited to your customers
  • Launch surveys across all your Liberty channels
  • Real-time performance reporting and analytics
  • Enhance agent evaluations

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