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Future Homes Standard app

Structured application for gathering, approving and sharing photographic evidence to support and manage compliance

Recent changes to building regulations (Part L – conservation of fuel and power and Part F – ventilation) and the government’s mandate to provide homeowners with ‘as built’ energy ratings has brought a significant new workload for house builders.

Future Homes Standard App

The Future Homes Standard app is a Liberty Create app which provides a structured process for gathering, approving and sharing the photographic evidence needed to support compliance. It eliminates multiple repeat site visits by inspectors, by allowing remote or virtual approval processes so that the contact on-site provides all the required information.

The new Future Homes Standard legislation raises a number of questions for home builders:

  • How will you cope with a deluge of new photos and documents?
  • How do you tie photo evidences and measurements to the individual plot
  • How will contributing third-parties supply data?
  • Who is going to manage this data and create all of the HUG and BREL reports and EPC ratings

Our Liberty Create low-code solution already addresses a similar challenge for NHBC – Technology Assisted Inspection.

The inspection app pilot proved that this approach was much more productive for our Inspectors and customers, with 91% of site managers rating the app as easy to use.

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We have created a seamless digital inspection process app using Liberty Create. This app allows site managers to upload photographs for digital review by our Inspection Team. Capturing images of ‘live’ construction remotely, means that we can work with our builders more efficiently, enabling them to quickly continue work on site following our digital review and feedback, as well as creating a useful audit trail.
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