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Future Proofing CX

How can organisations drive transformation effectively?

Hear what customer experience business leaders say is driving CX transformation

Over the past few years, there has been such change in how organisations communicate with their customers. But what’s driving organisations to shake up their customer experience (CX), what obstacles are standing in their way, and what are they doing to ensure that CX escapes the past, yet remains agile and competitive?

We wanted to know more about how organisations are future proofing CX. We teamed up with Davies and commissioned a research project with 360 senior CX and Digital Transformation managers at leading UK-based financial services businesses, NHS trusts and in local government.

Read our findings in this Future Proofing CX eBook — revealing our research and invaluable insight from senior CX-related professionals.

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Customer Experience Research conducted by Hayhurst Consultancy for Netcall and The Davies Group in August-September 2021. 360 senior Customer Experience and Digital Transformation management at leading UK-based Financial Services businesses, NHS Trusts and in Local Government were surveyed.

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