Customer story

Harnessing the power of low-code to drive transformative CX at Aon

Recorded: Thursday 17th June 2021

Aon story – watch on demand

We recently spoke to Netcall customer, Aon about harnessing the power of Liberty Create low-code to drive transformative customer experience.

Paul Brotzel, Global CIO-Risk, and Hugo Wegbrans, Global Chief Broking Officer, spoke about how there is now greater collaboration between business and IT, enabling delivery at a global scale with a fast, flexible approach.

They also explained:

  • the challenges faced by Aon in delivering a global transformation project
  • how business and IT have worked together to achieve success
  • advice for anyone embarking on a similar journey, including key lessons learned

Hear about their low-code journey as they offer practical guidance and considerations for other organisations starting out on a transformation journey.


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Liberty Create is a low-code platform that equips IT professionals to build faster and better. This means your development team can be more responsive, build successes quickly and clear your application backlog.