Liberty Create for Customer onboarding

Our low-code solution, Liberty Create, is a tool with a thousand applications. Any process you can imagine, you can automate. Here’s just one example of its potential – customer onboarding using low-code. See how you can transform a time-consuming, clunky manual customer onboarding process into a slick, joined-up and automated workflow. See what else Liberty Create can do for you.

Watch the video below to find out how.

You can learn more about how to move faster, stay compliant and create long-lasting customer relationships with our low-code and contact centre solutions.


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Pioneers of a new [digital] approach to support expansion goals. They use low-code technology to build the systems they need and manage process improvement, internally.

Here are some examples of applications that our customers have built using our solutions. Take a look at these use cases to see how you could improve your processes and improve efficenices, fast.