Product Sheet 01 April 2021

Introducing Low-code for Social Housing

Build, update and share unlimited services with other housing associations.

The Netcall Liberty Platform helps leaders in social housing to deliver tailored, accessible 24/7 digital services as you transform. This results in happy customers, improved operations and lower costs.

There are many roadblocks on a Housing Association’s journey to delivering 24/7 digital tenant self-service. Systems don’t integrate, data silos break processes, and the cost to change legacy systems is eyewatering. Low-code offers cost effective delivery, with rapid results for year-on-year payback.

You can read or download the full Low-code for Social Housing product sheet here.

Introducing Low-code for Social Housing
Shot of a group of businesspeople working together on a laptop in an housing association

Benefits at a glance

  • Agile delivery in weeks not months
  • Improved tenant experience
  • Boost digital up-take
  • Real-time reporting
  • Escalate any SLA concerns
  • Save travel time, helping teams respond faster
  • Upskill your teams for ongoing improvement