Liberty Converse – Feature Sheet

An omnichannel contact centre solution built with the customer in mind

Polish your customer experience and amplify agent performance with Liberty Converse contact centre solution. It’s everything you need for efficient, effective customer communications.

See everything from one screen

Track and manage agent performance, connect all your communication channels and create effortless customer journeys. The easy to use agent workspace gives access to every call and contact record. It’s all there. Neat and tidy.

Deliver a seamless service

Customers expect smooth flowing, personalised interactions across all channels. Converse delivers that reality.

With an omnichannel strategy and the best software, you can meet your customers’ needs.

Unify your channels

Bring all your channels – voice, email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, chatbots – together in one feed so your agents can deliver a truly joined-up customer experience.

Rapid response

Improve service speed and quality with prewritten snippets, so staff can rapidly respond to customers at the touch of a button.

Key features:

Multimedia contact handling
Simplify contact routing, with a universal queue that includes voice, email, web chat, SMS and social media.
Flexible real-time reporting
Customise dashboards and design, schedule and share reports on anything you like, plus export data into reporting tools.
Agent evaluation
Use the scorecard for evaluating calls in a customer services environment.
Secure agent payments
Enable your agents to take payments securely over the phone, chat or SMS for PCI DSS compliance.
Low-code applications
Plug and play with ready-made applications based on systems and processes.
Install it anyway that suits you
Available as a cloud hosted, on-premise and hybrid solution.
Design shifts for engaged teams
Plan rotas, design shifts and manage agent performance. Support agents with the configurable scorecard, integrated call recording and reporting on agent adherence.
Integrate into Microsoft Teams
Extensive integration between Microsoft Teams and Converse. Converse also works with Microsoft Skype™ for Business, Avaya®, Cisco® and Mitel®.
Embedded softphone
Configure the agent workspace to support embedded softphones, so that agents can receive incoming calls and place outgoing calls.

Key Benefits

Enhance customer experience
Deliver engagements to the right agent at the right time to improve first contact resolution.
Real-time insight
Track all contact centre activity, across the organisation, in real-time.
Improved agent performance
Provide agents with data-driven, evaluation, support and guidance.
Data security
Ensure your customer data, including payment data, is secured for your compliance needs.
A flexible, empowered workforce
Empower agents to work securely anywhere and from any device.
Informed and engaged customers
Use automation to update customers on progress and services before they need to contact you to ask.
Seamless integration
Converse works with your existing systems, including ERP and CRM solutions.

The all-in-one customer experience platform

Get all the tools you need to make your customer experience slick, seamless, secure and satisfying.
Liberty Converse contact centre solution solves problems by giving you full control of your contact centre.

Special features

  • Omnichannel queue management
  • Easy to use agent workspace with interaction control and guidance
  • See a complete interaction history
  • Real-time updates using widget driven dashboards
  • Tailored reporting
  • Embedded agent evaluation
  • Native social and conversational SMS
  • Integrated into your core infrastructure with agnostic APIs
  • Secure automated and agent assisted payments for PCI compliance

Do it your way

  • Delegate access with tiered administration control
  • Track user activity with a detailed audit log
  • Customise the softboard display with your company logo and brand colours
  • Choose which channels take priority (and which can interrupt)

Remain in control

  • Report on what matters
  • See real-time views of all activity
  • Keep an eye on quality
  • Add new functionality when needed.

Why wouldn’t you?

Choose our highly resilient, cloud-based IP-PBX telephony for your whole organisation.

Technical sorted

Our programmable messaging APIs and web hooks mean you can send messages from your systems or applications across any channel now and in the future. That’s omnichannel messaging at its best.

A helping hand

Give agents the option to ask for backup. They can ping a supervisor to listen in or join a call and get advice in secret, without breaking stride.

Help them improve their service quality and ask for development help with shared Agent Evaluation.

Real-time data, better decisions

Supervisors have a clear view of activity across the contact centre. No more missed SLA breaches. Alerts keep them updated at any location. Customise dashboards and reports, to meet every need.

Use robots for mundane tasks

Automate routine processes for greater efficiency, such as copying customer details into several systems with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Push the boundaries of your CX

Liberty is our AI-powered Automation & Engagement platform that lets you make huge transformational changes, fast. Improve and automate processes, integrate communications, data and systems to transform digital journeys.

Our modular tech comprises low-code, robotic process automation (RPA), omnichannel contact centre and conversational messaging, delivering dramatic operational efficiencies. And with artificial intelligence and machine learning at its core, enriched data insights make complex decisions simple.

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