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SafeDesk – Liberty Create Application Feature Sheet

Bringing employees back to the office in a safe and secure way

Mobile hot-desk booking application

The recent COVID situation has seen a significant change in the way many organisations now use their offices. More than ever, we need to think about the safety implications of re-opening our offices and how to bring back staff in a safe and secure way.


SafeDesk is a mobile hot-desk booking application. It allows users to book desks, meeting rooms or other bookable areas within any number of company locations.

SafeDesk also provides the ability to accurately monitor safe occupancy levels. It offers a range of admin capabilities to provide visibility of office usage, enabling the organisation to remain compliant with legal and safety obligations.

For Office Staff

SafeDesk supports staff with allocated desks who predominantly work in the office, as well as those who occasionally visit. Staff can make a booking of a desk, room or other resource. They get access to an ‘Agenda’ screen to view their bookings. The app allows them to easily ‘check-in’ when they arrive and ‘check-out’ when they leave.

For Administrators

Administrators simply log-in to access a menu providing details of all bookings and check-ins. The Live Dashboard shows the current status of personnel on site. Management reports and other helpful details are also provided.

This mobile hot-desk booking application is free-to-use for any existing Liberty Create customer. It’s available for download from our Community AppShare.

SafeDesk is an application built in Liberty Create, our low-code solution. Read the full SafeDesk Feature Sheet.

mobile hot-desk booking application

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