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Secure Payments for Contact Centres – Feature Sheet

However your customers want to pay and wherever your agents are based

Omnichannel payment security

Any contact centre that accepts, processes, stores or transmits customer payment card data must do so in-line with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

However, achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance can be a costly, time-consuming and challenging process. Plus, a data breach exposes your organisation to the risk of financial and legal penalties as well as reputational damage. This risk is heightened when a large proportion of your agents work from home without any payment data security controls.

Liberty Converse, Netcall’s omnichannel contact centre solution, eases the burden of PCI DSS compliance. The Secure Payments module prevents payment card data from entering your organisation, de-scoping your contact centre environment for PCI DSS.

Secure Payments for contact centres

Secure Payments works across self-service / automated payments channels such as IVR, chatbot and SMS; and agent-assisted channels such as phone, chat, email and social media.

IVR and agent-assisted phone payments are managed using keypad entry rather than spoken numbers, to capture sensitive payment card details. When the customer enters their card details, the keypad (DTMF) tones are audibly blocked. Agents only see asterisks appear on their screens, masking the sensitive data from view.

A single-use secure payment link is generated for payments through digital channels. When agents assist customers through chat, the payment data is masked on their screens.

The data is captured in a secure server, preventing card data from being accessed, shared or stored through your people, processes or systems.

Benefits at a glance

Removes the burden of PCI DSS
Protects your brand and customer payment data
Reduces call handling times and lost transactions
Multi-site coverage, including home working agents
Seamless Liberty Converse extension and integration
Quick to deploy, cost effective and fully managed service
Omnichannel payments
Payment and tokenisation
gateway integration
Works with your choice of payment service provider

Benefits in detail:

Secure Payments is a fully cloud-based service, supporting customers with our leading Liberty Converse omnichannel contact centre solution.
Ensures your office based, hybrid or remote working staff are not exposed to card data.
Makes paying for goods and services through self-service or agent assisted channels safe, straightforward and quick. Agent assisted experiences improve, and average handling time on phones can reduce.
Reduces your organisation’s scope, time and effort for PCI DSS compliance and audits. Instead focus on the things you do best.
With a low setup fee and usage-based service charge, it’s the obvious extension to your Liberty Converse contact centre infrastructure if you take payments.
Fully integrated into Liberty Converse, and leading payment and tokenisation service providers, so we can get you up and running fast.
Supports your choice of payment service provider, now and in the future.
Secure payments are made through phone, IVR, email, chat, SMS and social media channels.
Secure Payments for contact centres keeps sensitive data away from your organisation and people no matter how your customers choose to pay or wherever your agents are based.

The Liberty Advantage

Exceed your CX ambitions

Secure Payments is a module of Liberty Converse. Once you deploy Converse, you unlock the potential to access other tools on our Liberty Platform to help you manage and improve customer experience, effortlessly. From conversational messaging and automated self-service in Liberty Connect and intelligent automation in Liberty Create and Liberty RPA.

With the Liberty Platform, you transform your omnichannel engagement and digital process infrastructure, with minimal risk. Quickly and easily automate processes to reduce the friction between your processes and customer expectations.

Powered by Card Easy Syntec A PCI DS compliant level one service
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