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Low-code in the London Market

Recorded: Tuesday 9th March 2021

Supercharging operational efficiencies in the London Market using low-code

Watch this webinar with London Market specialists r10 Consulting to hear about London Market operational challenges, legacy processes. It explores how low-code solutions can help placement and accounting take place more efficiently, whilst connecting to existing infrastructures at speed.

We look at the ways COVID-19 has reshaped the way companies do business, and explore if “off the shelf products” are still as relevant. We also explore whether business should wait for market solutions to happen, or follow some of the largest companies’ strategies and start solving problems themselves.

Listen to our panel of London Market specialists, Peter Mungeam, Managing Director of Advisory at r10 Consulting and James Lawrence, Hyperautomation & Insurance Specialist at Netcall, as they discuss whether London Market businesses are making the best use of technology to supercharge operational efficiencies.

Our panellists

  • Peter Mungeam, Managing Director of Advisory at r10 Consulting
  • James Willison, Managing Director of Web Connectivity Limited (WCL)
  • Jordan Moss, SVP, Lockton Companies LLP
  • James Lawrence, Hyperautomation & Insurance Specialist at Netcall

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • How businesses in the London Market can work more efficiently in the future, making the best use of low-code solutions at speed
  • The benefits of linking front end placement and data capture to down-stream accounting and settlement processes
  • Whether low-code is all it’s hyped up to be
  • Why off the shelf products might be limited in their capabilities
  • How low-code helps us connect existing infrastructures and why there’s no need to rip out previous investments
  • Can I really have a working demo in a week – and what’s the cost

r10 Consulting

More about our panelists

Peter Mungeam

Managing Director or Advisory, r10 Consulting

Peter Mungeam

Peter is the Managing Director of r10 Consulting responsible for providing and delivering a wide range of professional Advisory services to Brokers and Carriers across the London Market. With over 40 years of International Market experience, Peter has a complete understanding of London Market Modernisation Programmes and is assisting Carriers and Brokers develop growth strategies and how best navigate through the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape.

James Lawrence

Hyperautomation and Insurance Specialist, Netcall

James Lawrence

For over 20 years James has been helping organisations on their digital journeys. From implementing core systems and launching innovative products to transforming customer and user experience. James is a passionate advocate of the ‘People, Process and Technology’ approach. Modern platforms, such as low-code, are helping to better connect the three areas of this trio to deliver business value more quickly and effectively. Especially in areas such as Insurance, where innovation is all too often inhibited by legacy systems, skills shortages and a disconnect between IT and ‘the Business.’

James Willison

Managing Director, Web Connectivity (WCL)

James Willison

James Willison is Managing Director of Web Connectivity Limited (WCL). WCL provides the Global Insurance and Reinsurance market with ACORD based messages solutions, utilised in the electronic Placement and Accounting & Settlement of insurance risks and the Ruschlikon initiative. Previously to working at Web Connectivity James worked as a Management Consultant in the Lloyd’s and London Insurance market, gained a joint honours degree in Law and Accountancy and achieved his chartered Insurer status

Jordan Moss

SVP, Lockton Companies LLP

Jordan Moss

Jordan is a Senior Vice President in the Global Real Estate and Construction team at Lockton Companies LLP. Whilst Jordan’s main focus is servicing clients in the real estate sector, he has also been involved in transformational projects for the business. More recently this includes implementing a no code solution to sit over their legacy system to help improve efficiencies and reduce some of the administration burden within the real estate team, so they can focus on client service and engaging with the insurance market.

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