Unlock intelligent automation for Financial Services

Take charge of your digital journey

Digital change is the new constant

Your customers want instant digital access, now, and a seamless, friction-free experience — on their channel of choice. For them, it’s those little touches that matter. Like knowing a customer’s history without asking, and keeping them updated on their enquiry, or solving a tricky problem in seconds. With Netcall Liberty Platform, you can use intelligent automation for finance to join customer-facing and back-office systems for total control and visibility.

Then look forward to delivering a consistent, high-quality service experience.

Intelligent automation that
works for YOU

Power up your digital transformation.

Take charge of your digital journey using low-code and robotic process automation (RPA) — and save time and money.

There’s no need to rip and replace, because with intelligent automation for financial services, you can:

  • Connect to data within legacy systems
  • Transform and automate critical processes
Intelligent automation combines low-code and RPA
— helping you reinvent processes —
where robots execute each step at lightning speed.

Liberty Create for Financial Services

Our low-code solution empowers people and improves processes, fast.

Liberty Create simplifies access to IT resources, so you aren’t held back by complex processes, legacy tech or a lengthy IT queue.

There’s minimal disruption, so there’s no need to max out the budget.

Do more with less and create better, faster solutions that improve CX and reduce cost.

Liberty Platform does the hard work so you don’t have to.

See Liberty Create in action.

Use Liberty Create low-code to empower people and improve processes
Liberty Create and its data gathered are driving factors in
determining operational efficiency. It’s changed the behaviour of the bank — from operating predominantly manual processes,
into being digitally orientated and process efficient. We offer a fantastic proposition and low-code tech sits firmly behind that.

Liberty RPA for Financial Services

Our AI-powered robotic process automation solution helps you reinvent processes — where robots execute each step at lightning speed.

Liberty RPA is fast, cost-effective and low risk. And it’s great for integrating with legacy systems to access data, like SAP.

Liberty Platform does the hard work so you don’t have to.

See Liberty RPA in action.

Use Liberty RPA for financial services - using intelligent automation to reinvent processes and integrate with legacy systems

Remagine digital for your business

Here are some of the ways you can use intelligent automation for finance to power up your digital transformation:

Accelerate app development

Low-code brings citizen developers and IT experts together to speed up app development. That means business users build 80% of the app. Then they hand if over to IT to meet your high-quality standards. What used to take months, now takes days.

Stay in touch with customers

Notify customers automatically, when they slip into overdraft, or forget to pay a bill. And do it on their channel of choice — text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.

Take the hassle out of applications

Make the switch to efficient applications processes — and swap manual paper-based processes for online — or create new, more efficient ways to process applications. The upshot? Happier customers and a lot less manual work for you.

Whatever the challenge, we give you the tools you need to make big changes in short timeframes.

Shatter data silos

Your business needs big and powerful enterprise solutions, but critical information can get locked into databases, which can result in limited access. With Liberty Create, every app you build is fuelled with up-to-date customer information. Pre-built integrations connect with most business applications — and SOAP and REST APIs interface with niche tools.

Manage compliance

Build robust compliance processes, quickly. You might need to give customers access to data, or pseudonymise sensitive information or shore up security.

Streamline your customer experience

Answer customer queries on first contact. Give agents all the information they need in one place — with a full view of conversation threads for context. And customise call forwarding to get customers routed to the right person from the start.

No need to rip and replace

Legacy systems can be inflexible, creating data silos that don’t talk to the rest of your IT stack.

Enable smooth data flow across your business with the Liberty Platform. It sits on top of your legacy systems, delivering seamless data flow between them, to drive a better customer experience.

Take data from one system and use it another — and build the apps you need in weeks, not months.

Build or buy? There’s no need to choose. Liberty Create gives you the best of both worlds.

Low-code = low risk

Use low-code to solve problems and boost efficiency for customers, saving you time and money.

Intelligent automation for finance speeds up processes and reduces the cost to serve. ‘Right first time’ is quicker, your customers are happy and your reviews get better.

Start small to keep it all low risk. After that, roll out successes and scale up as you go.

And when you need to adapt, it’s easy to change.

Create was very intuitive to use. One of our team members, with some training and support from Netcall, was able to quickly learn how the platform worked, allowing us to adjust workflows, create our own automated comms and store relevant data, all in one platform. This saved significant time and cost.

Unify the best minds

Set up a team of people from IT and customer-facing business areas.

Then give them the tools and backing they need to solve your customer experience problems together — in weeks, not years.

With Liberty Create’s low-code software platform, non-developers can build, test and launch applications without writing code.

It’s about getting ‘business users’, who really understand processes, to redesign them so they’re better to use.

Find out what makes great CX

It’s about getting ‘business users’, who really understand processes, to redesign them so they’re better to use.
99% of Netcall customers would recommend us to others

99% of Netcall customers recommend us

Netcall work hard to deliver great customer experience. In 2022, 99% of customers surveyed say they would recommend us.

In their comments customers highlight:

  • Smooth deployments
  • Intuitive solutions
  • Excellent training
  • Positive support
  • Trust
This CX focus is why we ended up choosing Netcall. And the technology has been proven. At Dreams, the name Netcall has become synonymous for successful projects.
Low-code Create

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