Improve request management with low-code

Gain full visibility over your entire requests process

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Improve request management

Request management can make or break a great customer experience. Get it right and it’s the icing on the cake. Get it wrong and you can ruin a lot of hard work in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the latter scenario is more common. Most companies are using multiple disconnected systems to manage request management and rely on fiddly, manual processes. This leads to mistakes. Constant rekeying means data is often entered incorrectly and agents end up duplicating effort and angering customers by repeatedly calling the same person unnecessarily.

In worst-case scenarios – which happen all the time – someone tells a colleague they’re dealing with a request but then forgets. Without automation in place, this request then falls through the cracks. This frustrates customers as they’re forced to make a follow-up call.

With requests being managed by different teams using non-integrated tools, you have no visibility over your whole requests process: how many you’re managing in total, who’s dealing with them and where they are in the process.

You waste time, you annoy your customers and you demoralise your team, who keep coming up against the same preventable problems.

Low-code can change all that.

Full visibility of your entire requests process

Build the request management process uniquely suited to your needs, then iterate and finesse as often as you need to, according to customer feedback and changing demands.

Integrate data from existing systems so it all flows seamlessly. You never have to worry about a request going ignored or flying under the radar. Keep customers in the loop by automatically informing them what stage their request is at and when they can expect a response.

The benefits

  • Get full visibility of your request process – how many, when they came in, who’s dealing with them, where they are in the queue.
  • Unify request streams (report requests, signups, contact us) so everyone can see that each request is going to the relevant person in the right format.
  • Integrate with all your other systems – Website, Marketo, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more to eliminate as much time-consuming manual work as possible for your teams, and ensure requests are dealt with precisely and efficiently.

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