Getting one of the UK’s largest railway operators on track

Liberty Create has helped this railway operator to develop apps that support a huge range of business goals – from improving the customer experience, to addressing IT bottlenecks.

Liberty Create

Managing the UK’s railways is a huge undertaking – dozens of different organisations have to work in tandem to deliver a slick and satisfying service.

This organisation is responsible for pulling everything, and everyone, together. They help customers complete 4.7 million train journeys every day, manage 20,000 miles of track and operate the UK’s 20 busiest train stations.

Facing unprecedented demand

When this railway operator approached us, they were facing unprecedented demand for their services but lacked the people and skills to meet it. This was having an impact on the quality of their service. They were taking on project after project but failing to complete them.

Their legacy IT systems were only complicating matters. Processes that should’ve taken hours took weeks and productivity slowed to a crawl. Something had to change.

The flexibility of low-code

They chose our low-code solution – Liberty Create – for its flexibility. They realised it could help them achieve a huge range of business goals – from improving the customer experience, to addressing IT bottlenecks.

They started with a pilot – using low-code to automate staff management within Liverpool Street station. The key challenge here was improving efficiency. For example, it was taking four members of staff up to six weeks to find and hire contractors to fix broken equipment. This had a knock-on effect on the customer experience.

We helped them build a new process and the effect was immediate. After just two weeks, they were 80% of the way towards solving the contractor issue.
Four months on and the organisation has automated five or six big business problems. This is all down to citizen developers. They’ve been solving problems, building solutions and maintaining the systems with minimal support from IT and developers.

Improving customer experience

  • Effective, critical transformation within weeks – not months – of implementation
  • Increased development speed – citizen developers can test, use and iterate in real time without increasing the (already heavy) burden on IT support
  • Greater efficiency – every case and request is processed faster with process automation and AI case management
  • Training requests are automated and people are always informed of where they are in the process. 30% of the Training Team’s workload used to involve taking calls and fielding questions because there was no visibility before automation. Now they can focus on the important tasks.
Within 6 weeks we actually had something from just a couple of hours of conversations. That is a unique experience in the IT industry. More than just a screen shot or a presentation – something tangible.

Philippa Callcut, Enterprise Architect in the Chief Innovation Technology Office

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