Streamline the agent experience

Integrating Liberty Converse with Microsoft Teams for better agent collaboration and productivity.

Liberty Converse

Bring remote colleagues together

Integrating Liberty Converse with Microsoft Teams can streamline the agent experience and offer more effective collaboration and improved productivity. Plus, you can reduce the work stress on your remote agents as your systems develop and change.

Get to the experts faster

You can route calls to agents over Microsoft Teams, using either the integrated softphone, or a PSTN number – regardless of location. Agents can launch Microsoft Teams chats with other agents or people in other departments and calls can be routed to agents over Microsoft Teams, using either the integrated Softphone, or a PSTN number.

Presence – know where your experts are

Agents are able to see any colleague’s Microsoft Teams presence. They no longer struggle with transferring calls because they can see when a user is busy on another call or in a meeting with their availability status and agent busy codes. This allows them to deliver a more effective customer experience, with more efficient resolutions and fewer pinch points or gaps in your systems.

The benefits

  • Reassure agents that they always have access to colleagues
  • Intelligently automate routing based on familiar Microsoft Teams presence status and busy codes
  • Reduce the burden of internal and external communications for remote agents
  • Leverage low impact, high quality voice enablement
  • Streamline the agent experience
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