What makes great CX?

Delight your customers

When was the last time your company was recommend by a customer?

What was it about that customer’s experience that made it stand out from everyone else? Do you even know?

You are fighting to deliver customer service that stands out from the crowd. But what makes great CX? What will help you win that battle? The sum of all the touch points, engagements and exchanges that a customer has with your company throughout the buying cycle with your brand, is what CX is about.

Great CX is about delighting customers so they want to come back time and time again. That they don’t feel they need to go elsewhere. It’s important to understand what’s important to your customer and then deliver the right solution at the right time.

It’s not just about technology, but it plays a big part.

What makes great CX?

Great CX is in our DNA. We can help you design and deploy amazing customer experiences, fast. The one thing all our customers have in common is that customer experience is key to their business success. Your success is our success.

We have over 20 years helping organisations in financial services, insurance and public sector to transform their CX, using great tech. This in turn has shaped our own values as to what contributes to great CX, today and in the future.

For us, it’s about providing tech that lets your customers contact you the way they want to and ensuring that process issues don’t hamper their experience with you. As our customer, your success is our success.

Great CX means customers are treated right and treated well

That’s whether they are internal, external, partners or stakeholders. Brands who demonstrate they care for their customers and understand their emotions are more likely to be rewarded with preference, advocacy, spend and trust.

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Delivering great CX is the differentiator that drives success

Power to the customer. Those who have good experiences will buy again and again. And they’ll share the love and tell their friends and family. Consider a truly unified CX vision and consistent customer journeys each and every time, it’s crucial for success.

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Great CX should be universal as every customer interaction matters 

Creating easy positive experiences for customers will help you retain and win more customers. And your employees will be more engaged too.

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For the organisation, great CX builds customer goodwill and elevates the brand

Understanding your customers, how they behave and what experiences lead to loyalty is an important step to getting your customers experience right. Get it right and not only will they be more likely to be advocates, sharing that goodwill and taking your brand to the next level.

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Great CX technology makes lives easier and drives adoption

Customers expectations of how they want to be treated are so much higher today. It’s got to be quick, easy and personal to them. If the technology is there and it does the right job, customers will use it. Everyone’s a winner.

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Delight customers, deliver customer service that turns heads

Growing an army of devoted customers is a good position to be in. You know, the ones that rave about their experience, show passion and spend more on average on their chosen brands. You need to keep hold of them and give them the customer service that never makes them want to leave.

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What our customers say…

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our own customer’s enjoy their experiences and interactions with us too – providing support that is as high quality as our tech.

When Liberty Converse was voted top contact centre solution in the Call Centre Helper Top 10 Contact Centre Technology Awards in 2019, our customers shared what they love about it and customer service was high on that list. Take a look at this comment from one of the voters:

“Great customer support on top of a high-quality feedback system I have been using for years. Love it to bits and wouldn’t move elsewhere.”

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