Blog 16 October 2018

You, (yes you), can deliver digital transformation projects in Local Gov…

by Simon Pike


16th October, 2018

Savvy digital transformation teams know that reinventing services is the only way to deliver for citizens. New digital services need stakeholders to work together. Web self-service is only successful when user needs are met. Or else, they’ll keep calling you to fix the problem.

With continuing budget and resource pressures everyone is in a tough space. Legacy IT investments hold vital data and teams know that silo working breaks efficiency. Business systems integration is essential for staff productivity, and delivering useful self-service.

Transformation visionaries and techies want to lead from the front with the tools to make a difference. Easy said, but when your regular workload is stacking up, not so easily done. So just how can IT departments make a success of digital transformation projects?

Enter low-code

Liberty Create is an essential part of every transformation leader’s toolkit. Think of a digital product, service or process and you can prototype, launch and refine it using our low-code solution. And it helps IT too. Low-code reduces the burden on your IT team and starts long-term cost savings. All within a controlled environment for governance and compliance.

Use agile frameworks for less risk. It’s that simple.

Let’s consider the ways it could help…

  • Promote multifunctional working

You rely on the deep skills of your Senior IT developers to keep your key systems running.  The race to digital means IT departments have a long to-do list. When a time slot is opened, a developer will sit with line of business (LoB) and interpret their needs in a specification that is likely to change during the 12 months that the project runs.

Change to an agile framework and become inclusive. Forrester rates our low-code as best for Digital and Professional Developers.  And this is why.  The drag-and-drop interface are quick to learn and easy for Digital Developers to use. Your IT Developers get a sophisticated code studio to use. Additionally, IT has full control over security and governance and are able to monitor the build, test and live process.  System notes are auto generated and audit and roll back are available at any time. So, risks are measured and contained.  Teams are able to work together to deliver change fast.

  • ‘Insourcing’ not vendor reliance

Your subject matter experts know exactly how a process needs to work. Using a vendor-led solution that meets 80% of your needs for 100% of the price is no longer an option.  With our free 3-day training, ongoing e-learning, and Community you can upskill a team of digital developers.

Watch James Bovingdon’s story to see how. Others will so be inspired to reach for their dreams too. In that department 60% of the team have useful skills and experience from other council services. They work on reinventing processes from within the line of business. You’ll be in control of the digital services your council offers. This means you’re not actually reliant on your “chosen” vendor. We like to think of it as useful “in-sourcing”.

  • Best fit and future requirements

Solutions need to be fit for purpose with robust IT governance, control and quality. There’s no disputing that low-code is fast, much faster than traditional development. You don’t have to make off the shelf software fit.

But what’s the point of digitising a [bad] process? With low-code you design to meet user need on any service you want, when you want. You have total control over the end-to-end process and the business systems integration. Then as feedback or regulations suggest best, its quick and easy to go back and improve it again and again at no extra cost. It’s future proof.

  • On-going value for money

Fast ROI is important. Equally, as you scale your apps and users, you need to know real business value will continue. Many of our customers have turned to low-code, because they want to do things differently and they know it is faster and cheaper, now and in the future.

You control the development and don’t need to worry about nasty skyrocketing outsourcing costs. Your innovative team will know no limits. They’ll jumpstart their progress when they customise our free-to-download apps from our AppShare. You’ll be amazed. Our use-based pricing delivers exceptional value.

  • A wide community

Our Community and AppShare means councils are able to collaborate across geographical boundaries too. Share the work and save time. Take a look, log into community and enjoy the tour.

If you are looking to leave a legacy and change how you work – Low-code for Local Government offers a positive step forward. Crucially, it provides a way (probably the only way) for the public sector to future-proof itself.

AI, Robotics and Blockchain within your grasp.

The future is in our roadmap. Our development team are working to make it easier for Local Gov to adopt new tech.  As they say you’ll never know your limits unless you push yourself to them.

Drive digital transformation projects forward in your council using low-code.

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