Webinar: Valleys to Coast Housing Association

Uprate your Tenant Complaints Process

Register below for our event on Wednesday 1st February 2023 at 11.00am

Accelerate your customer service transformation.

In this webinar, with Valleys to Coast, we’ll discuss how a small team worked collaboratively to use shared Apps — achieving digital transformation of their Housing Association (HA) complaints process, in just a few weeks.

Join this session on Wednesday 1st February at 11.00 am to learn how Valleys 2 Coast:

  • Reduced process time by 70% – a win for both tenants and staff.
  • Increased case visibility — creating a new case management system to integrate with key business systems, giving a joined up view of customers and properties.
  • Streamlined processes — mapping a re-designed workflow to reduce manual processes across multiple systems.
  • Delivered real service improvements — by empowering teams to quickly onboard and improve productivity across Valleys to Coast.

Join this webinar to discover how you too can achieve compliancy quickly and effectively, improving the experience for both tenants and staff.

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