SOCITM and Netcall

Driving modern
public services

Our Liberty Platform is already used by a quarter of UK councils to deliver better citizen and staff experiences. That’s why we’re working with Socitm to inspire progress and the delivery of modern public services for all.

Socitm and Netcall

Sharing a vision of modern service delivery across the public sector, Netcall is delighted to be a 2023 executive sponsor of the Society for Innovation, Technology and Modernisation (Socitm).

Socitm serves 2,500 professional members in helping shape and deliver public services. Netcall’s Liberty Create platform supports its outlook by giving councils the perfect tool to transform their own services.

It’s a partnership that’s focused on driving modern public services across the UK. Socitm’s commitment to inspiring change and progress is combined with Netcall’s unwavering vision of putting the power of digital transformation back into the hands of local authorities to enable digital autonomy.

 With over 20 years’ experience working with the public sector, we continue to challenge convention and inspire change. Our commitment to helping power progress through innovation will help achieve positive outcomes for local authorities.

Collaboration in action

Local authorities like South Hams District Council, Ashfied District Council and Waverley Borough Council are on their way to achieving digital independence. Using our Liberty Platform, they and other public service organisations like Harborough District Council are transforming citizen experiences, despite limited budgets and resources.

Accelerating digital transformation

In its annual ‘Public Sector Digital Trends 2023’ report, Socitm examines the digital challenges and opportunities facing local government.
Set in the context of economic turbulence the world over, the report pinpoints key technology trends for local councils amid urgent needs for
resilience and sustainability, now and in the future. Here’s how Netcall’s Liberty Platform can support councils in these areas:

Extract data from legacy systems

  • Low-code makes it easier for councils to link applications and data together
  • Open standards and integration promotes innovation
  • Councils benefit from shared apps that underpin collaboration
Learn how South Hams District Council revolutionised customer service with one integrated platform

Connected places

  • Agnostic integration approach that connects systems, processes and data easily across places
  • Joined up local public services empower leaders
  • Reduces costs, helps manage demand, increases productivity and contains risk
Discover how Waverley Borough Council is delivering a digitised omnichannel service

Refocus customer service strategy on service users

  • Blends face-to-face, assisted and automated services to provide inclusive citizen experiences
  • Customer service teams enjoy the tools and capabilities they need to focus on high-value work
  • Better insights continually enhance citizen services in line with needs
Find out how Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council is supporting more inclusivity and choice

Build digital, data and tech capabilities

  • Train your own staff to develop applications quickly
  • Harness innovative and collaborative ways to expand skills for delivery
  • Save money and improve employee wellbeing
Read how Ashfield District Council is enabling digital independence and more collaboration

Speed up app development

  • Develop apps up to 10x faster than traditional development
  • Save two-thirds of the cost of development
  • Reinvest these savings into doing more for citizens
Hear how Harborough District Council is already saving money and enjoying other benefits of low-code

Manifesto for Local Government

Our tools support the delivery of great citizen-centric digital services, reinforced by the commitments in our Manifesto for Local Government.

Socitm partnership

Netcall joins forces with Socitm to drive modern service delivery. Read the latest news story.

We want to lead on digital, with solutions that are pleasing and accessible for customers, and we want to use cutting edge technology to make every service easy for customers to use.

– Vicky Green, Digital Programme Manager for Corporate Services and Transformation at Ashfield District Council