Netcall for Local Government

Better for citizens, better for you

One in four councils use our long-term low-code or contact centre solutions to make life easier for their citizens and staff. Now it’s your turn.

Solutions for Local Government

There is a better way
What if there was a long-term solution for Local Government tech? That worked on any scale through real-time changes and challenges?

Low-code technology allows you to answer these demands. It helps any size local government departments make useful updates quickly, efficiently and easily.
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Your challenges
This isn’t just about your IT service. You need a solution that helps you get things done — without relying on vendors — and deals with complex internal mechanics. It’s an enterprise solution that helps with:
·        Increasing demands
·        Legacy system integration
·        Reduced budgets
·        Resource issues
·        Growing expectations.
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What’s the alternative?

When facing a problem, the traditional approach is to buy a new system or add a new module. But six months later, your ‘quick fix’ has become a challenge — shifting the problem elsewhere in your system. With low-code you’re equipped for continuous change.

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Evolution not revolution

Low-code isn’t about ‘rip out and replace’ it lets you scale at your own speed. With low-code you don’t have to change processes to match the system. And councils can build applications in weeks (or even days) without relying on vendors.
See how Cumbria County Council built 16 systems in just 12 months
Invest in your people
The added bonus of low-code is that you also gain an instant resource pool. No more waiting for IT, low-code empowers and upskills your existing business user workforce.

Our unique AppShare community means that if there is a need, someone will have already developed the solution or can work with your teams to make that rapid change.
Take a look how Waverley drove their own digital journey
And finally- get ahead and stay ahead

What’s else is in it for you? Low-code goes beyond staying on track — to get you ahead. Enjoy insights as you deliver value to your citizens. But don’t take our word for it, discover how and why Croydon Council chose Netcall’s low-code platform.