Councils Driving Digital: What’s Holding You Back?

Recorded: 30th March 2022

Does legacy spaghetti stop you from realising your transformation goals?

Our research with 100 senior council executives across the UK, has found back-end legacy systems are a major stumbling block to digital transformation. The pain of unravelling multiple systems, replacing software and suppliers is top of the list, but there are other obstacles:

  • 49% of councils said they lack the technical expertise within their organisation to develop and implement change
  • 54% of councils feel their organisation does not embrace change
  • And, of course, securing budget for any transformation can also be a problem.

Richard Farrell, Chief Innovation Officer, and Mark Gannon, Director of Client Solutions and former CIO and Director of Business Change at Sheffield City Council, looked at our research to address how councils can overcome these barriers. Watch the recording of the webinar to hear their thoughts on solving back-end legacy issues, becoming omnichannel and how councils can ensure that the gains in efficiency and pace that they made during COVID are maintained?


Topics covered:

  • Legacy back-end systems: how to build around disparate systems and unravel the legacy spaghetti
  • Lack of technical expertise: how to overcome the skills gap
  • Automation for the heavy lifting: remove the strain from teams without increasing headcount
  • Influence a cultural shift: how technology can propel change forwards
  • Peer success: hear stories from councils where efficient back-end processes have been blended with front-end customer experience

Customer Experience Research conducted by Hayhurst Consultancy for Netcall and The Davies Group in August-September 2021. 360 senior Customer Experience and Digital Transformation management at leading UK-based Financial Services businesses, NHS Trusts and in Local Government were surveyed.

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