Live event

Local Gov Partnership Network

Recorded: 14th June 2022

Supporting collaboration & innovation in government

We understand how challenging it can be for government senior leaders to find the time to learn and connect with peers and industry partners at the best of times. Add to that one of the most demanding and difficult periods in the sector’s history, and opportunities to find new solutions to drive transformational change have been few and far between.

That’s why we’re delighted to be sponsoring the Local Gov Partnership Network event. Over two days, we joined in this unique networking and shared learning event with over 100+ local government leaders and the sector’s most transformational suppliers. It was a great place to connect, collaborate and learn around transformation and innovation.

During the event, we hosted a session on the topic of how to escape the legacy spaghetti and be free to innovate. Innovation within Local Government is proving to be increasingly complex. With increasing demand for change, while budgets are reducing, councils have to balance transformation without affecting essential delivery.

Mark Gannon, former CIO at Sheffield City Council has recently joined the Netcall team. He was frustrated with suppliers who talk about innovation, but then provide costly solutions that stifle it and slow things down. Mark is looking to make a real difference to the sector with the Liberty Platform. In this session, Mark spoke to two councils to see how they made innovation a reality.

You can watch these two customer stories from the Local Gov Partnership Network below…


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