Patient Hub

Patient Hub: Digital Letter Templates Feature Sheet

Make significant time and cost savings and support your green
targets with consistent, accurate and flexible patient letters.

Are your letter templates out of control?

Do your teams struggle to find the right letter template from a folder of hundreds?

All too often, managers doing admin updates just give up. Instead they create a new template, and the numbers grow. Whether you have 8,000 or 800 letters, that’s far too many to manage.

There’s an easier way…

Patient Hub helps you automate and reduce the number of letter templates across your Trust. So every letter that goes out is on brand and contains accurate information for each patient.

Ditch 99% of old templates
Customer experience with Letter Templates shows that 99% of stored templates are, for one reason or another, invalid. In a busy hospital with many specialities, using manual administration of letters is time consuming and offers no real benefit.

The letter template feature within Patient Hub captures patient attendance and other information digitally.

Read or download the full Letter Templates Feature Sheet here.

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Key features

  • Real-time visibility of all patient letters
  • Tailored templates
  • Cashable postal savings for 60% of letters as patients go digital
  • Eliminate print and waste costs
  • Centralised quality control and standardised hospital branding
  • Improve experience with all relevant patient information
  • Improve letter accuracy and reduce inadvertent errors
  • Rapid and flexible updates for any change in local or national conditions.