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LM Forum Technology & Innovation Summit Nov 2020

Recorded: 26 November 2020

Emerging technologies and innovation in the insurance sector

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the London Market. There is an increasing need for modernisation to improve the efficiency of processes and reduce costs, while also building on digital investments already made.

On Day 3 of the summit, Thursday 26th November, Netcall joined London Market Forums to discuss the role of innovation in the insurance sector and what this means for 2021 and beyond.

The panel session, The Human Element of Technology Innovation, explored some of the key technology issues affecting the insurance sector today. And it looked at how innovation is driving change in the race to a digital-first future.

Watch the recording – Day 3, where we discussed:

  • What do we really mean by innovation, change and transformation?
  • How to unlock the potential for innovation and change within an organisation
  • Overcoming risk aversion to stay agile and make changes happen, fast
  • The impact of COVID on the pace or appetite for change and innovation within businesses
Watch the recording here

Technology & Innovation Virtual Summit 2020

The current complexity of the London Market is not sustainable as it’s expensive to run. Unless the 40% acquisition cost dramatically reduces, there simply isn’t enough for every participant to survive. The good news is that change is already happening with the blueprint, but a lot still needs to be done.

Insurance LaunchPad is an extensible platform designed for you to build out to meet current and future requirements.