No-code form builder app built in low-code

Form Builder application lets service users build simple forms to free up development time

Adur & Worthing Councils

The challenge

Adur & Worthing Councils refers to two local government authorities, Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council, operating under a joint management structure to serve the communities in West Sussex. As mature low-code users, they’ve been on a mission to make digital change a people-centred journey, with new digital services that offer great user experiences for their citizens.

Having experimented with teams across the council to build on their low-code platform, Liberty Create, they had difficulties managing their comprehensive change process, control measures and development support beyond the core digital team.

Freeing the Digital Team and reducing liaison time

The council wanted a way to easily enable service teams to develop and maintain their own forms and apps, with no development experience and very little training. Based on so many successes over the last few years, the Digital Team are constantly in demand to create new forms for citizens to use to access services for various departments. The logic behind developing new forms is quite simple so the team decided to try to free themselves and reduce the need for liaison between services and the digital team, they decided to use low-code to build a no-code form builder app, called Form Builder.

Adur & Worthing Council

“We’ve designed the form builder so we can also triage citizen requests to deflect common queries. Service users can build and maintain their own forms, and configure more specialist apps, with no training or access to the Build Studio. We can maintain our data and design standards and consistency. We can also integrate with a range of third-party platforms.”

James Coleman

Lead Digital Developer, Digital, Adur & Worthing Councils

The solution

Adur & Worthing Council

“With Liberty Create it was so easy to set up the initial process and to add what would be a complex app if it was done outside of low-code. Also, as the integrations are so easy to set up, it means we are not reliant on any third party and additional costs, which is a great advantage over an off the shelf form builder.”

James Coleman

Lead Digital Developer, Digital, Adur & Worthing Councils

The result

  • Super-fast development of forms and simple applications
  • Intuitive user interface for easy training and adoption of Service Teams
  • Service users have ownership of developments and adjustments to their own forms
  • Digital Team gain capacity to work on complex large projects
  • Data and design standards are maintained.
Hear it for yourself
Depth of low-code experience

Building a builder-tool for people with no coding experience at all is an art. This innovative application is a relatively simple concept, but it could easily be over complicated. This application was built very quickly – a credit to the low-code experience of the Adur & Worthing Digital Team. They continue to develop the app, adding a no-code application management configurer to enable teams to assign and process forms submitted via the Form Builder and also set up their own checklists, message templates and stages.

Adur & Worthing have developed great depth of experience with low-code, enabling Innovation-as-a-Service for the council’s evolving requirements, and tackling a large number of issues including improving tenant services, agile development for waste and improved asset management – Adur & Worthing low-code journey.



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More time

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