Building a culture of transformation

Rapid reinvention of processes ripples through Hertsmere Borough Council with departments coming forward for transformation

The challenge

Hertsmere Borough Council is small with modest budgets, but big plans. Their area includes a diverse collection of towns, 80% greenbelt land, and a young demographic of citizens who want to interact online.

The council’s processes were largely paper-based and frequently required re-keying. Their CRM system was more than 15 years old and approaching the supplier end of life and they wanted a system they could develop themselves, without additional costly and slow supplier charges for changes. Hertsmere’s team wanted to provide online customer accounts to track case progress, enable interaction digitally as well as over the phone.

A low-code strategy

Low-code provided them end-to-end delivery and moved them from a paper-based system, to completely paper-free systems. Liberty Create was the chosen low-code platform, providing additional functionality and integration.

“We’ve engaged with our team throughout the process, with guidance from Netcall. It’s been instrumental in changing the culture to a more agile electronic way of working. Our staff have gone from wary, to on-board, to super-keen. They want to implement each new system ASAP, supplying ideas and enthusiasm for each of the next projects.”

Lee Gallagher

Customer Services & Digital Transformation Manager, Hertsmere Borough Council

The solution

“The culture has changed. By moving from an old fashioned, paper-based system to a more agile electronic system, it has brought our staff on the journey. The Create platform is future-flexible and also provides an opportunity for us to upskill several team members. Plus, the beauty of the AppShare means we can share applications with other councils, making development faster than we could ever have imagined.”

Lee Gallagher

Customer Services & Digital Transformation Manager, Hertsmere Borough Council

The result

  • A single user account enabling customers to access any council system
  • Keep customers informed via SMS after they have reported an issue
  • Proactive updates to citizens – reducing multiple contact about one issue, adding to call queues
  • Removal of duplication
  • Improved the speed of resolving issues
  • Reduced complaints
  • Fully digital and agile process has vastly reduced paper-based processes
Hear it for yourself
Controlling their future

Hertsmere now has the flexibility and capability to do things the way that they want to.  With a platform that they can easily develop by themselves, and the AppShare and Community to share and collaborate with other councils, they are building a culture of transformation to develop more and more processes and providing better experiences for both citizens and staff.


vast cut in paper use


in time and resources



Accelerate digitisation

You can transform processes, unify operations and deliver digital experiences that make lives better for employees and citizens

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