Redefining customer engagement with Liberty Converse CX

16th April 2024

Say hello to AI-powered automation and connected workflows in the contact centre and beyond to bring efficiency gains and enhanced customer experiences.

There’s no doubt that contact centres are struggling. Research identified that 64% of UK contact centres report rising chat volumes, and 60% are experiencing increased call volumes. 99% of UK contact centres plan to upgrade technology next year to prevent a breakdown in customer service, and 93% of UK contact centres support remote or hybrid working but experience 65% attrition rates.

Plus, there’s a significant shift and investment focus on AI-powered technology.

Yet many contact centre infrastructures aren’t designed to meet these advances in demand. They are hampered by long enquiry times, cost and process inefficiencies, time-consuming management, disjointed customer experiences, manual reporting and disconnected legacy systems, contributing to low customer satisfaction and demotivated teams.

Today, Netcall meets these needs with the launch of our next-generation AI-powered contact centre solution, Liberty Converse CX, which sets out to redefine how businesses engage with their customers. Converse CX has robust cloud contact centre software capabilities to harness the power of intelligent process automation and rapid application development, which is unique to the contact centre market. Using a blend of AI and intelligent automation to transform customer services and team efficiency, Converse CX unveils a new breed of contact centre technology.

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“There’s a fundamental shift happening with organisations moving their customer service solutions to the cloud. Organisations want to harness the power of digital channel process automation, connected workflows that link to their backend systems and AI to complement their human-assisted customer service teams. Converse CX does just that. It equips employees with the right tools to do their jobs faster and better, and customers get a fast, frictionless, personalised experience, at any time of day.”

Sam Roddis

Development Director

The development of Liberty Converse CX was driven by the fact that many cloud contact centres are only doing half the job they should and are disconnected from other related functions in their organisation. According to McKinsey, 1 in 3 working hours are spent manually executing admin tasks and more that 50% of those current work activities could be automated.

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“Companies that align cross functionally around customer experience can double growth and profitability (Forrester). With Converse CX businesses can finally address the wider needs of the organisation. Customers can resolve issues without employee assistance using automation. But if a customer needs help, employees are supported using automation to provide the best possible service. It unifies channels and automates tasks that slow down teams.”

Sam Roddis

Development Director

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