Use Cases

Here are some quick examples of how people are using our solutions.
Take a browse around these use cases from across the Liberty Platform.

Use cases for Operations departments

The rise of remote working and social distancing can make site visits a challenging process. Virtual inspections provide a fast, effective way to carry out inspection tasks remotely, using photographic evidence to ensure compliance with safety standards.

The typical customer or employee onboarding process is plodding, manual, and inefficient. You need to capture data from the customer, process it, check it with third parties, and file it. Intelligent automation lets you rethink this workflow. You can tie all of these systems together in an app so that data flows from A to B, securely and with no manual intervention.

Managing the UK’s railways is a huge undertaking – dozens of different organisations have to work in tandem to deliver a slick and satisfying service. Liberty Create low-code has helped this organisation develop apps that support a huge range of business goals. From improving the customer experience, to addressing IT bottlenecks.