COVID-19 apps for enforced distance working – show and tell

Recorded: Friday, 24th April


Monitoring staff wellness in this time of enforced distance working

On Friday 24th April we held a show-and-tell where we will be demonstrating two apps. Both apps address the issue of monitoring staff wellness in this time of enforced distance working.

The first, COVID-19 Workforce Monitoring, has been produced by Netcall. It is a module that can be installed into any existing application and provides a simple interface for staff to update their wellness status. In addition, it provides management reports and a map interface showing the location of workers by status.

The second one has been written by one of our partners, ROC Technologies. The Employee Health Situation Checker is a full-blown accelerator that proactively emails members of staff on a daily basis, to which they are required to respond with their status.

These 2 applications are available on our COVID-19 package for the public sector.