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What if you had your own way of building software systems and digitising processes that are built around the specific needs of your organisation?

Apps for HR

There are a number of transactional HR systems that every organisation relies on, which cover every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Everything from talent acquisition, employee contracts, to onboarding, reward management and performance management. You may have some or all of these systems and it’s likely they were introduced at different times, in different ways. Data needs to flow between them all. However, if they don’t join up they leave functional and process gaps. This is why apps for HR can be a game changer.

A typical situation includes a multitude of difficult-to-manage spreadsheets to fill those gaps. More time is spent managing transactions, which prevents HR from delivering the value that the business needs.

Liberty Create uses a low-code approach to let you easily and rapidly develop your own software apps. It allows you to automate HR systems in a cost-effective way. You can use it to build systems yourself, designed around your specific needs. And these will integrate with your existing systems and software.

To help get you started, we have a number of apps which will get you up and running very quickly. These starter apps can be tailored to exactly fit the way your organisation works and then you can extend and customise them exactly as you choose.

Skills Matrix

Manage which skills your employees have – ensure you have the right skills in the right places and organise training.

Daily Health Checker

An app to give organisations a better understanding of employees’ on-going health on a daily basis.

Employee Welfare Risk Assessments

Allows organisations to contact staff en-masse to respond to questions tailored to on-going homeworking.

Hybrid working – SafeDesk

A mobile hot-desk booking app that allows users to book desks, meeting rooms or other areas.

Who’s On

Gives you an accurate visibility of employee status through the periods of disruption – particularly useful for remote staff.

Emergency Alerts

This application gives mass communication employee crisis response capability, to alert all employees.

Calendar Booking

An application allowing staff to book resources, such as meeting rooms, pool cars or services.

Employee surveys

A simple application to capture feedback from employees in a survey format.

HR LaunchPad

This LaunchPad provides a set of starter apps to get you up and running very quickly.

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