Crisis response

Managing the ‘next normal’

The coronavirus blew big holes in the technology strategies of most businesses. As we shift a gear and move to support the ‘next normal’,
it remains important for organisations to effectively respond to customers, patients and staff demands.

The key to success often lies in embracing agility as a business model and ensuring that internal processes and systems are designed with
flexibility front-of-mind from the very beginning.

Liberty is an all-in-one customer experience platform that lets you make huge, transformational changes, fast. You’ll have all the low-code and contact centre solutions you need to improve the customer experience, fast.

And for NHS and local government – there’s something for you too.

Change processes and adapt, fast

With many processes changing around you, the flexibility of low-code enables you to stay agile. Liberty Create is for business users and developers. Unite your innovators on one system to improve processes and build better customer experiences.

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There’s an app for that

Develop apps fast, as and when you need them. Better still benefit from apps that have already been delivered by our customers. Our Community has it covered – emergency alerts, status updates to tracking, workforce monitoring, volunteer communication, booking management, balance checkers and pre-recorded prompts.

Low-code Create and Converse users can download these apps on the AppShare today.

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Insider’s Guide to Remote Working from ContactBabel

84% of UK contact centre agents have moved to home working as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. This is a significant shift for many contact centres using the traditional, centralised model. As we move to the ‘next normal’, we need to delight customers with flexible resources.

ContactBabel’s Inner Circle Guide to Remote Working shares advice on how to implement remote working effectively.

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Remote working in the contact centre

Let your contact centre agents work from anywhere without it having an impact on your customer experience. Liberty Converse is our cloud based omnichannel solution that’s easy to set up and even easier to use. Agents can use any number, on any device irrespective of where they are.

Delight customers with a positive customer experience each and every time.

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Keep in touch

Whether your teams are office or home based, everyone across the business can easily stay in touch using our sophisticated speech bot, ContactPortal. Calls route to where they are supposed to in an instant.

During busy times, offer call backs over the phone or on your website to reduce call queues. No complex integration or hassle with your legacy hardware. And you can be up and running in 24 hours. Find out more at QueueBuster how it works to handle the load.

Manage hospital appointments

Whether the appointment is in person, on the phone or via video patients can take control with a self-service portal. Patient Hub lets patients cancel, rebook or confirm appointments, request information and send messages.

Plus the Result module delivers a fast way for hospitals to provide patients details of tests results. This secure cloud-based solution can be rapidly deployed with minimal integration work by your hospital.

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Citizen Hub

This is our toolkit for local government organisations – a framework of screens, processes and rules that councils have asked us for time and time again.

Roll out the most common services to the public in just a click – parking permits, blue badges and more. 

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The big takeaway for Cumbria is we couldn’t have delivered our COVID-19 response, with speed and agility if it wasn’t for Create.
During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Liberty platform was flexible to allow us to quickly adapt to make contact with patients and keep our contact centres readily available with the demand for remote working.
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