Convincing Your CEO About Low-code: iESE Digital Councils Series

Recorded: Tuesday 18th January 2022

Getting the Board on board with low-code

You might be well versed in the benefits of low-code. But how do you go about convincing your CEO about low-code? This recorded webinar will show you how to answer all the questions that your CEO (and other members of the board) might have about low-code.

iESE‘s Digital Councils is an online event series in partnership with Netcall. The webinars explore how councils can use IT to aid recovery – and beyond. The events dive into real-life examples, highlighting just how easy it is for you and your local authority to thrive.

Our January event looked at how you can convince your CEO that low-code is one of the best IT decisions you can now make for your council. John Comber, former Chief Executive of Royal Borough of Greenwich, and Dave Briggs, Sensible Tech will debate challenges that a CEO might face.

  • What is low-code? Everything you need to know about the tech that is transforming application development.
  • The headline benefits of low-code: 1 – Solve process issues, fast. 2 – Take the pressure off IT (as non-developers can share the development burden). 3 – Cut development time.
  • Hear some quick examples of how local government organisations have used low-code.
  • The questions that your CEO is likely to ask and how to formulate and deliver compelling responses.

Watch the full webinar below.

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