Community Event with South Hams District Council – CRM versus low-code

Recorded: Friday 11th March 2022

Can a vendor-purposed CRM cut process waste and drive productivity?

Sorry, no, it can’t! Hear why, as South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council takes you through the next phase of their transformation plans. Jim Davis, Customer Improvement Manager, explains how they are using our low-code solution, Liberty Create. And we took a look at the difference between CRM versus low-code. Their agile approach includes borrowing from the AppShare, and workshopping with other users, as they innovate and improve efficiency.

It’s no secret that they’ve transformed 90 processes within 18 months. This has freed teams from costly broken processes. They fiercely remove duplicate accounts and protect ‘golden’ records. In 2021, they delivered +£450,000 savings. And their new processes help 75% of customers to self-serve.

This incredible progress is possible because these innovators have broken the link between assumptions and processes. They focus on driving continual improvement. Using low-code, they have set themselves free to work alongside stakeholders and determine their own future.

During this webinar recording, you will hear how they are using their digital independence to make a real difference as they:

  • Continue to deliver their digital ambition and are moving to internal processes such as HR and legal too
  • Release savings by removing hidden process waste – not just within the process but across the whole flow of work
  • Balance work across staff groups as they improve staff productivity and make real FTE savings

Watch the recording below to discover the difference between CRM and low-code.


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