Liberty Platform for Housing Associations

How to Transform your Tenant Journey

A focus on people, processes and technology.

A fresh approach…

As a leader of a Housing Association, you drive information and technology transformation. You are working hard to get the best from your people, your processes and your technology.
Are you looking to refresh your IT systems, deliver innovation or ensure business resilience and agility? You can totally transform the tenant journey with technology.

For housing associations who want to focus on delivering a streamlined tenant and team experience, Netcall’s Liberty Platform is a tightly integrated suite of customer (and tenant) engagement and intelligent automation solutions that lets you manage and improve your total experience, effortlessly.

You redefine customer experience to make it easy for tenants and staff to communicate with you. And deliver a positive end-to-end total experience and reduce the cost to serve.

The beauty of the Liberty Platform is that you have access to a tightly integrated solutions to build upon. Learn how Tenant Hub, Liberty Create, Liberty Converse and Liberty Connect transform the tenant journey for many housing associations.

Read the Liberty Platform for Housing feature sheet.

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Key benefits to Housing Associations

  • Bring together data and communications channels
  • Fix processes that frustrate tenants and customer facing staff
  • One view of all tenant interactions to tenants and agents alike
  • Highest levels for privacy, governance and security controls by design
  • Rapid, flexible deployment models, trusted for mission critical service levels
  • Integrates with legacy systems or is effective as a standalone solution
  • Provide anytime access
  • A solution that grows as you grow

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