Intelligent Automation for Health

The platform for a digital-first future in the NHS

Ever increasing demands

Health organisations are having to cope with ever-increasing demands for their services. At the same time, they are focusing on areas (including the use of technology) to help deliver better patient outcomes in the most effective and efficient way.

When it comes to IT systems, NHS organisations face many challenges including:

  • Many systems are not interoperable
  • Multiple internal silos of activity
  • Ever changing targets, mandates and requirements from government
  • Limited resources and tight budgets
  • A long list of desired transformation projects
  • Hitting government target quotas

What’s needed is the ability to address all of the organisation’s process needs with a single technology platform. One which interoperates with existing systems and maximises the speed of delivery of new innovation.

As the UK Health Secretary stated recently when outlining the Department of Health & Social Care’s seven major cultural lessons for the NHS, “better tech means better healthcare”.

Low-code for health

This guide explains how low-code can make that challenge a reality. Our low-code solution, Liberty Create, allows very rapid building and delivery of systems in health.

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Intelligent automation for health. The platform for a digital-first future in the NHS