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Feature Sheet – Payment Support

Helping customers with payment difficulties through automated payment support plans.

The Payment Support Portal (PSP) accelerator

There’s always been a need to help people in difficulties with their payments such as utility bills and credit card payments. However, the recent COVID situation has exacerbated the problem. Now we’re seeing a huge growth on the number of people being caught in the payments trap, many of whom may never have experienced problems before.

Customers need additional help including the provision of personalised payment plans. In the aftermath of COVID, we need a better, more automated way of handling the provision of payment plans. Failing to provide help will see some customers neglecting their payments and the amount of money being recovered fall further.

The Payment Support Portal (PSP) accelerator is an app built in Liberty Create to help address this problem.

Rather than a manual process requiring customers to complete lengthy, complex paper forms with details of their income and outgoings, PSP makes it easy to offer self-service help to customers through an online portal. Instead of a cumbersome manual process that may take weeks to complete, PSP allows customers to access help immediately and payments to be collected more easily.

Read the full Payment Support Feature sheet.

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Key features

  • Pro-actively approach customers who are likely to default to make them aware of their options
  • Offers a number of channels including online, phone, chatbot and traditional print
  • Allows customers to use camera phones to take pictures of evidence
  • Gives contact centre agents the same view, so customers can switch to phone if they are having problems
  • Can be configured with rules to automate decisions around payment plans
  • Has a built-in budgeting tool to help customers see how much they can pay.

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