Netcall Community | Virtual event

Show & Tell

Recorded: Friday 27th August 2021

Community event: SafeDesk

Many of us are planning how to return to the office, some have already returned. How to ensure everyone is safe is a big topic.

Here at Netcall, our team spearheaded by Community Builder, Mark Pearson have worked on a great new app called SafeDesk, built on Liberty Create. The concept is simple. Ensuring safe capacity limits for offices are not exceeded. Plus, in the event that someone tests positive for COVID, it offers the ability to quickly and easily understand who was in an office, or zone, during the time of risk, enabling the appropriate actions to be taken.

SafeDesk (designed as a mobile interface) allows all staff to book desks and meeting rooms. They use it to check in and out, providing records of who is in the office. Administrators and HR can monitor capacity and pull reports on attendance. It’s available on AppShare now.

Watch Dave Amps, Customer Solutions Director at our Show & Tell session, where he will show the features of the new app and how it works.


Dave Amps – Customer Solutions Director here at Netcall gives us an introduction to the Netcall Community and AppShare. Designed around the requirements for local government, our community allows councils to collaborate and share as well as meeting the digital declaration.