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Virtual Visits is a Liberty Create Accelerator which reduces the need for people to travel to site locations for inspections. It eliminates multiple repeat site visits by allowing remote or virtual visits to be scheduled so that the contact on-site provides the requested information.

Things get more complicated with long lifespan processes. Built on low-code, our Citizen Hub Framework allows you to automate any process, long or short. You’ll see how you can snooze steps, then wake-up and alert colleagues when they are due.

The greatest barrier to any kind of technology is that it’s too difficult to use. If the new thing you want people to do is much more hassle than what they’re used to, they just won’t do it. So if you want someone to do something… make it simple.

What can be achieved when you combine automation with your existing people? Using their expert knowledge to craft the processes and leaving the repetitive work to robots, who are faster and infallible. It is a truly powerful combination.