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One of the busiest contact centre challenges for any university is clearing. Hear how University of Hertfordshire has employed our omnichannel contact centre solution, Liberty Converse, to handle clearing during the pandemic with remote working and then went on to deploy it as a business as usual solution.

In this live panel Q&A with James Rawlinson, Chief Information Officer (CIO), The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, and Jacqueline Leahy, Deputy Operational Manager, Hampshire NHS Trust we discussed how the move to digital patient appointment management also means a move towards inclusivity, leaving no patient behind and leaving no patient appointment unfilled.

Waverley Borough Council have transformed resident services using their existing talent to develop new apps and fix processes and by saving time and money by collaborating and downloading digital services via Citizen Hub, our end-to-end digital solution for local government.

In this 30 minute webinar, we explain Liberty AI. We explore how it improves decision making and delivers valuable insights from complex data.