Webinar | Local Government

Delivering maximum benefits from technology projects

Recorded: 27 May 2020

With consultant, Esther Gunn Stewart

Time and time again we see technology projects either fail or not deliver the expected benefits. Often this is because the technology is seen as a magic wand. When undertaking a digital project, think about the business problem that you are trying to solve, rather than jumping to the solution.

We caught up with Esther Gunn Stewart, a consultant who has worked in the public sector for 17 years. She has been involved with many public sector technology projects and brings a wealth of knowledge with her.

In this short webinar, we discussed how to:

  • get the most out of tech projects by scoping out the outcomes your users want
  • not getting paralysed by analysis and methods to keep the project moving
  • measure benefits and the danger of over-estimating
  • manage your stakeholder expectation
  • ensure the adoption of your new system or process to ensure you realise the maximum benefits

The session is packed full of practical advice for every stage of your project, so it is a must-see for anyone either working on a change project or about to undertake one.