24/7 support for customers struggling financially

Our automated payment support application allows customers to reach out for support 24/7. Giving them the freedom to set up payment arrangements in their own time.

Liberty Create

Helping customers in this difficult time

Citizens Advice’s latest research shows 6 million UK adults have fallen behind on at least one household bill during the pandemic. Bad debt and defaulted payments were an issue before the global pandemic. And the situation has only got worse.

This is causing issues with debt recovery and produces a huge amount of work to process. Plus demand into your contact centre. Traditional back end systems are not known for their flexibility and they are struggling to adapt in a fast-paced changing environment.

Built on Liberty Create, our automated payment support application allows customers to reach out for support 24/7. With an easy-to-use application and on the channel they prefer. Making the whole process easier for customers and increase likeliness of payment for the organisation.

And because this is a pre-built application, you can implement and configure it in days.

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The benefits

  • Pro-actively approach customers who are likely to default to make them aware of their options
  • Offers a number of channels including online, phone, chatbot and traditional print
  • Allows customers to use camera phones to take pictures of evidence
  • Gives contact centre agents the same view, so customers can switch to phone if they are having problems
  • Can be configured with rules to automate decisions around payment plans
  • Has an in-built budgeting tool to help customers see how much they can pay.
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